Cheyann Benedict has been a long time friend and supporter of Sage Vaughn. An artist in her own right, Cheyann felt Vaughn’s vibrant aesthetic would translate elegantly on the female figure. Spring / Summer 15 fuses our iconic silk silhouettes with Sage Vaughn’s radiant butterfly print.

About Sage Vaughn

Drawn to the interactions of man and nature, California artist sage Vaughn is a master of juxtaposition; in his paintings of charming, pastel colored sparrows and swarms of brightly- hued butterflies, he compels viewers to rethink his distinctly positive subjects by pairing them with somber backgrounds. With added motifs like dismal skies, barbed wire fences and militaristic helicopters to his works, Vaughn’s creatures become objects of innocence and hope.

Vaughn’s stylistic drips, a remnant of his days as a graffiti artist and intentional marks to signify the passage of time, carry into this new body of works, boldly in his butterfly works.